Keep your accounting firm safe, both physically and digitally, with support from B2B

Here at B2B we know that office and computing security are at the top of every accounting business’s agenda, but with so many different options and providers on the market, it can be difficult to know which one is the right fit.

B2B is a one-stop shop for premises and cyber security, and our comprehensive maintenance packages will prevent threats at the first detection. Our preventative strategy has a proven track record of reducing downtime and stopping cyber-attacks from damaging your business.

Cyber security for accountants of all shapes and sizes

Whether your accounting business is a larger firm with multiple premises, or you’re a freelancer working from a home office, we can help you keep all of your files and data secure. B2B offers comprehensive cloud and server back-ups, to ensure that if anything is erased from your own system, you can recover it quickly. We also provide round-the-clock maintenance using our remote desktop software, whereby our software engineers can monitor your systems 24/7, ensuring that any potential threats or problems with your network are identified and eliminated efficiently, without any disruption to your business.

Everything you need for a safe and secure office

Accountants’ offices are often a target for opportunistic burglars who are hoping to find stashes of cash inside. With B2B, you can keep things safe and secure with our vast range of secure card, keypad or proximity-access Paxton doors, the market leaders in secure door access. Our team at Secure.it are also fully qualified engineers able to install fire alarms, security alarms, and even biometric clocking-in systems which communicate directly with your payroll software. Whatever the size of your business, we’ve got a tailored package to suit, and we’re always on hand to answer any questions, deliver training or perform maintenance. Whatever it is you need, B2B are here to help.


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