Specialist IT Support for Schools, Colleges and Universities

Whatever the size of your educational institute, we’ve got the skills and expertise to provide all-encompassing support, no matter what your requirements might be. From building and maintaining sophisticated networks, cloud storage and backup facilities, to state-of-the-art virus protection and much more… at B2B, we’ve got you covered.

Virus Protection and File Security

Recent hacker attacks on the NHS and other institutions show that the public sector is in no way immune to the threat of malware, ransomware or viruses. With affordable packages tailored to the size of the institution, B2B’s Support.it services are a great place to start when ensuring your systems are protected. We offer a range of cloud back-up and remote access options, including virtual private servers (VPS) and virtual desktops (VDI) to ensure your administrative staff have an overview of the network at all times. We offer secure, online cloud computing to protect the loss of data for both administrative and student accounts.

B2B Support.it offers ongoing network maintenance and remote monitoring, ensuring the swift identification and removal of any potentially harmful files. Our approach is preventative and designed to save both time and money through early diagnosis and treatment of any security risks.

Wired and Wireless Networking

With years of experience in building complex computing networks for institutional libraries, computer learning labs and offices, we’re confident we can design and implement the right networks to suit your school, college or university. We offer wireless, wired and multi-site connectivity, and our flexible approach means we will produce networking maps uniquely tailored to your institution.

Comprehensive Premises Security

Good digital systems aren’t always just about having top-of-the-range PCs and fast internet, especially for a public-sector institution. B2B Secure.it can provide comprehensive systems to secure your premises too: we offer the latest tech in fire alarm and alarm systems, as well as proximity, mag-stripe or keypad access door security from the industry-leading Paxton. We have the capacity to build, install and maintain systems for institutions supporting thousands of staff and students; we also have packages which will suit primary schools with just a few hundred pupils.


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