Keep your hotel business moving with expert support from B2B IT

From the best networking and IT support on the market, to expert solutions for premises and network security, here at B2B we’ve got everything you need to keep your hotel business moving and – more importantly – growing. Our technical know-how is supported by our expansive team of technicians, advisors, and developers.

Door and premises security for comprehensive control

B2B Secure.it provide installation, training and maintenance of both premises and fire alarms, ensuring that your building is secure 24/7. We also are a partner supplier of industry-leading Paxton secure doors, with a choice of proximity, card-swipe or keypad access, all remotely controlled: perfect for room security. Our Paxton door systems are tailored to the size of your hotel, with competitive prices to match, and can serve anything from a single door up to ten thousand door users.

Keep track of your guests with our innovative scheduling software

Here at B2B we know that if a hotel doesn’t run smoothly it can turn into a logistical nightmare: everything from check-in times, room numbers and keys, breakfasts and cleaning rotas need to be carefully planned well in advance to ensure a pleasant stay for your guests. B2B Schedule.it can handle all of this and more: our comprehensive digital calendar stores guests’ data, including room allocation, length of stay, and any special requirements all the way down to whether they would like a wake-up call. Operations can all be integrated too: Schedule.it will handle everything from the staff rota to stock levels of things like restaurant food and cleaning products to make sure everything is accounted for. The integrated email and SMS mark-comms system can remind guests of their check-in time by text, and implement multi-channel marketing campaigns to your specification: Schedule.it really does it all!

24/7 computer support and maintenance

We know that your business is your life, which is why our team is available for round-the-clock IT support in case something goes wrong. We’ll handle everything from your computer and network set-up, broadband and telecoms installation, and all of the training and maintenance that goes with it. We offer 24/7 network monitoring in order to detect and eliminate potential threats like viruses and malware which could infect your systems. Our remote technicians will fix the problem without having to come to your premises, saving you expensive call-out fees and resolving any problems as quickly as possible: keeping you and your business on the move and flourishing.


We work as a single united team with market leading firms around the world and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.