Microsoft 365.

Access Microsoft Office anywhere, across all types of device. You can host up to 300 users now with 24/7 support from B2B Support It. Get your custom hybrid Microsoft 365 cloud solution with fully trained and in-house support engineers to help you to fully understand how the software works.

Microsoft 365 Cloud Emails.

Access and store all of your emails online so you will never suffer data loss again if your computer faults. You can be guaranteed 99.9% uptime when accessing your emails and the cloud servers that you will be accessing are far more reliable than the old fashioned email hosting system that are quickly becoming a thing of the past.


Be more productive with your time and sign up to the Microsoft 365 Cloud hosting solutions that B2B offer with full engineer support. We are certified by one of the worlds largest companies who are leading the race when it comes to Cloud technology.


Never suffer with data loss ever again with the B2B Cloud storage service. You can share files to the Microsoft OneDrive very easily allowing others to access and download them from a different location, eliminating the need for sending data by email or pen drive.


Get an efficient incremental Backup as a Service (BaaS) by utilising B2B’s certified partnership with Microsoft 365 cloud technology using the Azure backup plan. We can guarantee a reliable offsite backup that is highly secured with top grade encryption technology.