Comprehensive IT and logistical support for offices with B2B

You may be a growing business looking to buy or rent your first-ever office space, or perhaps you’re a well-established organisation ready to update your facilities with new office alarm systems, new computers or improved internet networking. However far you are down the road to business growth, B2B can offer all of the support you need to establish and maintain growth-ready office environments.

Comprehensive PC networking and data back-up solutions

Whatever the shape or size of your business, B2B Support.it provides a huge range of networking and back-up options to suit you. As a static workplace environment, we usually recommend wired networking of computers for super-fast Ethernet-connected internet for offices – but we also offer wireless networking which, depending on the nature of your office space, might also be suitable. If you’re managing multiple offices across a number of different premises, multi-site connectivity might be the right option.

In the digital age, the threat of malware is ever-increasing among the business community. At B2B, we not only offer comprehensive network maintenance and preventative security (which is proven to decrease your vulnerability to malicious attacks); we also provide a number of data back-up solutions. So even in the unlikely event that a virus destroys files and data –it’s much more common for data to be lost through human error or software malfunction –we’ll store your files in a remote cloud back-up, or on remote servers, to ensure nothing is lost.

Telecoms and broadband expertise

B2B are leading experts in Small Business Telecoms, and we’ve got everything your office might need to get connected. We cover offices across Lancashire, Liverpool, Manchester, Merseyside and the surrounding area, and we’re confident we can get you the best deal on your broadband and telecommunications. From landlines to business mobiles and a number of broadband options, we’ve got everything your office needs to stay connected.

Alarm security and fool-proof clocking-in

Our alarm and clocking-in tech is at the cutting edge of innovation, and we’re proud to partner with Paxton to offer installation and maintenance of keypad, mag-stripe, or proximity-enabled alarmed doors. We also offer state-of-the-art fire and burglar alarms systems to protect your office space. Our biometric clocking-in technology uses fingerprint scanners to prevent fraudulent clocking, and integrates seamlessly with Sage payroll systems, meaning staff management – as well as securing your office space – has never been easier.


We work as a single united team with market leading firms around the world and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.