Wigan Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) helps local Wigan business

Wigan Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) helps local Wigan business

Wigan based search engine optimisation agency is helping local businesses to get found on the internet more easily when customers are looking for their services. There are a variety of local businesses in Wigan Town Centre each offering their own services such as clothing, café, electrical retailers as well as the service companies including garages, plumbers and repairers. Only around 50% of the local business in Wigan have a website and only 3% have heard of search engine optimisation or what a locally based SEO service can help them gain more local customers.

Local Search Engine optimisation for Wigan business

When we talk about local SEO in Wigan there are many things a local business can do and as well as seeking the services of a local Wigan based SEO agency, there are some things they can do for themselves in order to better be seen on the internet when customers are looking for their services and most of them are free.

Placing their local Wigan business on google maps is a great place to start. This is free and will help people who are searching for Wigan businesses on Google be seen at the top of the page on the maps. This is especially good for customers who are searching for your business on their mobile phones.

Getting a facebook page for your business is makes good sense to promote your business in Wigan

If you are a local business in Wigan and you want better positions in the search then creating a facebook page is a good way to start with social media. This will enable you to build a brand following and also showcase your products directly with your followers. A facebook page is free to set up or you can of course consult a local SEO agency and ask for a quote on social media management where the page and content will be published for you on a regular basis.

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